SP020 UV RUBY 1.95mm
SP022 UV RUBY 1.70mm

Manufactured by Phoenix Xtra and converted by Servicom Pacific


Cut emissions. Boost efficiency.

Fogra Certified
Carbon NeutralFogra Certified

For all UV applications. Surface attuned to UV inks and washing solutions. Good heat resistance.

Recommended For: All dedicated UV press applications, especially sheetfed and plastics printing

  1. This compressible blanket is designed for all types of dedicated UV applications on sheetfed, folding carton and any other demanding offset applications. It is also precision buffed to transfer ink and release at the high press speeds.
  2. Ruby has an EPDM surface that is specially attuned to UV inks, providing the highest possible chemical resistance and thus durability; naturally this also applies to the washes and solvents designed for these inks.

Simply rely on a printing blanket that’s 100% climate neutral. Our new calendering technology cuts the energy needed to produce CLIMATE Xtra BLANKETS. And CO2 emissions are reduced as well - by 35%.

We neutralize the remaining 65% of the CO2 emissions by acquiring reduction centificates from natureOffice, a climate protection agency. In this way we support a reforestation project in Panama. This benefits not only the environment but also the local population in a structurally weak region.

Technical Data

  • Colour
  • Ruby
  • Identification
  • Brown woven threads in cotton fabric
  • Thickness
  • Art.327: 1.70mm (SP022)
    Art.329: 1.95mm (SP020)
  • Elongation at 1000N / 50mm
  • <1.3%
  • Compressibility
  • 135N/cm, approx. 9%
  • Tensile Strength
  • >4000 N
  • Reduction in thickness due to tensioning and setting
  • <1.3%
  • Hardness (total)
  • Approx. 78 Shore A
  • Roughness (RZ)
  • 4 µm

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UV Ruby