Manufactured by Phoenix Xtra and converted by Servicom Pacific


Cut emissions. Boost efficiency.

Fogra Certified
Carbon NeutralFogra Certified

Topaz is a universal 4-ply printing blanket of exceptional durability

Topaz Carat is distinguished by a new compressible intermediate layer that, together with the highly resistant surface layer, guarantees a long service life and outstanding printing results.

Given the tight tolerance of the Carat Series printers can always be sure of producing printed matter of consistently high quality.

With these characteristics Topaz Carat can be used in high-speed sheet-fed offset as well as packaging and metal printing. The new surface can even stand up to switching between UV and conventional inks.

Simply rely on a printing blanket that’s 100% climate neutral. Our new calendering technology cuts the energy needed to produce CLIMATE Xtra BLANKETS. And CO2 emissions are reduced as well - by 35%.

We neutralize the remaining 65% of the CO2 emissions by acquiring reduction centificates from natureOffice, a climate protection agency. In this way we support a reforestation project in Panama. This benefits not only the environment but also the local population in a structurally weak region.

Technical Data

  • Colour
  • Topaz Blue
  • Identification
  • Brown thread woven in travel direction
  • Thickness
  • Art. 396: 1.96 mm (4ply)
  • Elongation at 500N / 50mm
  • <1.3%
  • Compressibility
  • Approx. 9%
  • Tensile Strength
  • >4,500 N / 50mm
  • Reduction in thickness due to tensioning and setting
  • <1.3%
  • Hardness (total)
  • Approx. 80 Shore A
  • Roughness (RZ)
  • 4 µm

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Topaz - SP041 Spec