SP081 - 494 FD

Manufactured by printec and converted by Servicom Pacific

The smaller print runs and quicker turn-around required in today’s printing market have had a dramatic impact on printer productivity. Consequently, the graphic arts industry has been making great efforts to increase blanket longevity and improve make-ready efficiency.

This presents a problem for printers since traditional offset printing blankets are not always well-suited for the unique demands of coating applications. Traditional printing blankets are not designed to strip easily and are susceptible to stretching during spot applications making it very difficult to reuse blankets.

Therefore, Printec has developed a line of coating blankets that address the distinct needs of coating applications. These blankets are also suitable for UV coating.

Printec coating blankets also feature SmartStrip technology. The SmartStrip technology is designed to provide more consistent stripping and relief. SmartStrip also enables printers to strip coating blankets more quickly.

Technical Data

  • Colour
  • Green
  • Description
  • Cast Compressible 3 plies
  • Thickness
  • 1.96 +/- 0.02 mm
  • Hardness
  • 77 Shore A
  • Relief Depth
  • 1.05mm

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494 FD SP081 Spec