SP453 - NTR 105

Manufactured by Novurania and converted by Servicom Pacific

The NTR 105 has a completely new face compound, formulated for optimum print quality even with alcohol free printing and with VOC-free blanket washes. Mainly designed for high quality sheet-fed printing, it excels in long service life when printing with high-pigmented inks and with frequent changes of stock format and gauges.

NTR 105 - SP453

Top print quality and long service life of the printing blanket are today’s most important factors. In sheet-fed printing this means high resistance to smashes, and format changes without any problems. It has excellent resistance to a variety of chemicals.

The NTR 105 incorporates the latest closed cell compressible layer, the NOVURANIA “Sinkless Technology”, and a carefully chosen blend of compound ingredients and polymers for the lithographic printing surface. This features an excellent compression set and rebound characteristics. The precision buffed surface finish provides excellent ink transfer and sheet releasing properties.

The carcass is unsurpassed in printing stability. Multiple calendaring of the cotton plies, a proprietary construction of the compressible layer to minimize variations of compressibility, as well as an innovative coating technique, guarantee minimal sinking and maximum durability.

Technical Data

  • Available Gauges
  • 1,70 mm - 1,95 mm
  • Standard Surface Colour
  • Blue
  • Compressibility
  • 50 mJ (on the 5th compression cycle)
  • Elongation at 500N / 50mm
  • 1,00 % (10 N/mm load)
  • Microhardness
  • 58 shore
  • Hardness
  • 65 shore
  • Surface Roughness
  • 0,9 - 1,2 μm Ra
  • Tensile Strength
  • > 3300 N/50 mm
  • Swelling:
  • In a typical blanket wash:
  • < 1%
  • In a typical blanket rejuvenator:
  • 5 – 6%
  • In MEK:
  • 22%

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NTR 105 - SP453 Spec