Latex Impregnated, High Performance Under-Packing

ParaTex is a patented proprietary formulation of cellulosic nano-fibers reinforced with non-woven synthetic fibers and engineered polymeric materials into a composite structure. ParaTex delivers exceptional press durability and performance. Designed to provide compressibility and rebound. ParaTex can extend the lifespan of printing and coating blankets, improve dot fidelity and uniformity. The flexibility of the latex impregnation conforms to any irregularities of the cylinders or blanket backing. ParaTex absorbs and discipates gear and bearer vibrations eliminating streaks and gear marks.

ParaTex is durable, strong in both lateral and longitudinal dimensions, and is chemical resistant. It will not be damaged or effected by mild or harsh solvents, blanket washes or water. ParaTex is suitable for conventional or UV inks. Eliminate troubles caused by uncompressible, rigid, unforgiving problematic plastics and inconsistent underblankets with ParaTex.

  • High Strength for extended durability
  • Precise Gauge Control +/- 1% Tolerance
  • Resists moisture, solvents and press chemistries
  • Compresses and rebounds, millions of times
  • Absorbs harmful press vibrations
  • Takes a smash
  • Reduces gear marking and streaking
  • Economical
    Stock available ex warehouse
  • SP1202 - 0.40mm
  • SP1205 - 0.75mm
  • Other gauges available upon request

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