Folabase Soft U offers reliable support for adaptation to cylinder circumferences and print lengths in offset printing presses and ensures optimum dot transfer.

The two-layer compound, made of dimensionally stable polyester and extremely ductile polyurethane, ensures an extremely high dimensional stability and thus, stable thickness. So unlike paper-based underpacking sheets, even when subject to excessive loads due to paper jams, the packing is not damaged and can be used again. Unlike conventional paper-based underpacking, the foil has an extremely high swell resistance to dampening solution and cleaning agents.

The soft and flexible PU surface of the innovative underpacking foil accommodates and evens out the pressure exerted during the printing process. A biaxially stretched polyester base provides maximum dimensional stability for the soft PU surface. Due to the PET/PU laminate, even thicker versions of the material are extremely easy to bend and adapt ideally to the cylinder surface. Folabase Soft U ensures optimized handling.

Available Product and Servicom Product Codes

  • SP1300 Folabase Soft U 0.40mm
  • SP1304 Folabase Soft U 0.60mm
  • SP1301 Folabase Soft U 0.45mm
  • SP1305 Folabase Soft U 0.75mm
  • SP1302 Folabase Soft U 0.50mm
  • SP1307 Folabase Soft U 0.90mm
  • SP1303 Folabase Soft U 0.55mm
  • SP1308 Folabase Soft U 0.95mm

Application is similar to that of underpacking sheets. The printing on the soft side indicates the respective nominal thickness. Making sure the printed side is readable when the foil is inserted in the press ensures that the soft side facing upwards. (i.e facing the blanket as required.)


  • - Good bending characteristics
  • - Long-lasting thickness stability
  • - Self-healing surface in the event of paper jams
  • - Perfect dot transfer due to soft polymer surface
  • - High dimensional stability due to polyester base
  • - No tearing of material
  • - Long service life
  • - Washable
  • - Easy disposal - due to absence of PVC