SP430 SUMMIT WEB 1.95mm
SP147 SUMMIT WEB 1.70mm

Manufactured by Printec and converted by Servicom Pacific

Summit is the culmination of years of research into all aspects of high-speed heatset web blankets, including print quality, compressibility, sinking and stretching. Because of the special nature of these blankets, our efforts were concentrated on three-ply technology, as three-ply blankets represent the overwhelming majority of blankets used in this segment of the printing industry.

The Summit incorporates several revolutionary advances, including an extraordinary stable carcass, newly designed upper fabric layer, modified compressible layer and a specially ground and buffed top surface. The result is a blanket capable of superior print quality, enhanced ink transfer, resistance to gap sinking and the ability to successfully handle a wide variety of stocks. The summit is also easily mounted on narrow gap cylinders.

Summit Web

Technical Data

  • Colour
  • Purple
  • Description
  • A buffed compressible quick release printing blanket
  • Surface
  • Textured Buffed Face
  • Thickness
  • 3 ply 1.70 Standard
    4 ply 1.95 Standard
  • Elongation (1000N / 50mm)
  • 1.40% max @ 22.5 KGF
  • Tensile Strength
  • > 60 N/mm
  • Hardness
  • 78 Shore A

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Summit Web Spec